Sure Foot Cane

Sure Foot Cane


The Sure Foot®, our most popular cane, has a foam handgrip for users 5'2" or taller and will support 350 lbs..

Each Sure Foot® and Sure Step® cane utilizes an all-terrain skid-resistant sole​ with a traction surface of 18 square inches -- much larger than the small tip on traditional canes (1 to 2 square inches).  The cane's sole remains flat on the walking surface regardless of how it is placed, and the patented ankle has a shock absorber to soften the impact on the user's hand and arm.

​Typically, using a cane requires a person to be cautious about where the tip is placed, restricting where it can be used, and increasing the chance of a fall and injury.  This isn't so with a Sure Foot® or Sure Step®!  They can be used on most walking surfaces, including stairs, snow, sand, grass & stones (but never on ice!).  The skid-resistant 3x6" base will take you where you need to go.

These revolutionary, user-friendly products are made of aircraft aluminum and stainless steel - making them very sturdy and light-weight.  All of our products are easily adjustable for height and are able to stand alone.

They provide added stability, greater accessibility and convenience not offered in traditional canes.  The Sure Foot® and Sure Step® are the world's only stand-alone canes with a leg, foot & ankle that walk with you.

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